Mood Change Hack!

Feeling lonely, sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed? Do you want to feel happy instantly?

 Then follow along:

Unlock your smartphone, quick!

  1. Open whatsapp
  2. Open any random chat
  3. Click on the Emoji Icon
  4. Choose 20 of the happiest emoji’s from the selection. You can repeat them if you want.
  5. Something like this :

Screenshot_2017-12-13-13-16-54-1.png6. Now, try to imitate them. One by one, mimic the expressions. Stretch those facial muscles!

Done? How are you feeling now? Happy? All worries gone? Great!

Follow this exercise anytime you are feeling low, tired, stressed, frustrated or just want to get happy! It works every time! 🙂

This is actually based on the facial feedback hypothesis. Its a psychology theory which basically states that thoughts affect behavior and behaviors affects thoughts. Your feelings are reflected in your actions and expressions, and your expressions in turn affect your emotions. So, you can effectively feel any emotion if you enact it. Smiling triggers the brain to feel happy.

So, Keep Smiling! 🙂

Source: Quora



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