Valentines Vichaar!

Historically, Valentine’s day has nothing to do with individual love. It is celebrated to commemorate the execution of St. Valentine. History says he died for love. So in memory of Saint Valentine it became a practice in the west. In 18th century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”).

We Indians celebrate every festival with equal enthusiasm. From food to Bollywood we love to add  spice to everything….ha ki nahi?😜

According to me, today, Valentine’s day is become more of a deal. Our generation is going crazy about this. There is pressure on guys to get a ‘Valentine’ to celebrate just a trendy  ‘single day’. No wonder they’re spamming girls on sarahah and other social media. (chuckles)

You tell me. If Valentine’s day is about love.

Why are we being so materialistic?

Theory of Valentines day was promoted  to Indians majorly by companies who Manufacture Gift items. It wasn’t part of our Culture and of course we Indians are always fascinated by Western glamours starting from Soaps to the dresses they wear.

Do we require just a day to show love to a person? Definetly Not. why have we made this Valentine’s day or week rather, a business for some people ?

The basic idea behind  why day’s like parents day, friendship day, yoga day and other days are observed is that we can acknowledge why these things are important to us  and we spend some time from our busy schedules practicing it. Which is not happening!. People are manipulating stuff in the name of trend. What’s even funny is that we live up to those trends without reasoning them. Bad!

I hope dear reader, You get the writers message. Thank you!.

Since people keep asking me these questions every year I wish to write it here.

Q. Did Christians introduce Valentine’s day?

Ans. My dear friends, Valentine’s day is a tradition which originated in the west. There are No biblical backgrounds behind days like Valentine’s day, Friendship day, Halloween and other stuff. Days like these are only traditional and are not related to the Christian faith.

Q. Does celebrating Valentine’s day hurts Indian Culture ?

Ans. Indian culture is itself so diverse. We celebrate almost every festival celebrated in the world. what hurts Indian culture is our judgemental attitude itself. If we banned Valentine’s day in India will it restore our culture ? Think for yourself 😊

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