Guys Vs Girls – Psychological and Relatable Facts

I was reading about Psychological facts of Guys vs Girls, I found them pretty interesting and relatable.


1. Guys are more likely to fall for appearance of a girl, Girls on the other side usually fall for behavior

Reason why guys shows interest  by looking at profile pictures.

2. If you are always the first one to text there is 90% chance that the next person isn’t interested in you.

3. ”You really love him”

no name was mentioned, but you still thought of some person. Its a normal psychological reaction of girls.

(not generalizing 😉)

4. If you are an attractive person, people of the same gender are more likely to disagree with you on most topics.

5. If you cant think of why you love that person, its true love.

If you know the reason then its Lust, Pity or mere admiration

6. Psychology says the longer you hide your feeling for someone, harder you will fall for that person.

7. Nothing is scarier for a guy than his approaching crush no matter how strong and brave the guy is. Girls find that adorable.

8. If you want to reject a guy just do it. Its actually better than saying things like “you are my brother”,or “I dont want to loose a friend”.

9. If a guy really likes you, following are the noticeable signs

He will look into your eyes for a second then he will look away. He will try to make you laugh, even putting his self esteem online. He laughs when you laugh and smiles when you smile.

10.  If a girl likes you then she will do the following:

She will speak whatever comes first in her mind, as she doesn’t want the conversation to end. She will notice little things about you, even your simple change in hairstyle. She try to touch you physically, even like a small poke. She will ask about your future plans.

11. A Girl likes to talk to a bold person but she is more likely to fall for a shy person.

12. If you are Friendzoned, thats a good start try to convert it into something special as soon as you can. Time is the key here

13. If a girl really likes you, she will ignore you very badly and put you through various emotional tests.

14. If a guy really likes you, texts over small things are highly probable.

15. Guys have very frustrating nature, so instead of talking nonsense try doing straightforward conversation.

16. Shake hand after a date, if the hand is sweaty the other person likes you.

17. Girl on a date will show like they know nothing about your life, on the contrary she knows your life better than you.

18. Every question in a conversation is practiced by the guy a 100 times at home.

19. Girls usually have this misconception that guys fall for slutty dress and lots of makeup. Truth is they dont notice the small things like what you are wearing or how perfect your make up is.

20. A guy can flirt with a lot of girls but if he doesn’t flirt with you, he might actually like you and doesnt want to loose you.

21. More attractive the girl, stupider the guy will behave.

22. More attractive the guy, more attitude will be shown by the girl.

I have read only theory, no practicals performed yet 😉

You need to know these facts so it was important to share it with you. Sharing is caring ❤😜


15 thoughts on “Guys Vs Girls – Psychological and Relatable Facts

  1. These things are often true. But everything gets better when, guys aren’t v girls, or visa versa. Plus, I assume, vis a vis your posts, you are an adult, so your aren’t a guy. You are a man. You are hopefully interested in women, not girls.
    The thing I have learned, over time, is that happiness between a man and a woman may not reside in these truisms, but rather more in finding your best friend and equal, the person you want to share your weakness with, and who will love you forever, in spite of this.
    I found this.
    I hope you do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! I completely agree with you. This post was just for entertainment purpose where some points were mine and some picked from the internet on some people’s experiences.
      When I say Girls V Guys, I’m just making a general comparison based on some people’s common experiences all in a entertaining manner. These are no parameters to judge someone or finding the right person. Those points are just a bit of experience sharing not do’s and don’t s for finding some ideal person.
      I thank you for taking the time to read and share your views with me😊


  2. Cannot agree with all of these,b? But it makes for interesting reading.
    Thanks for following my the way. Nothing controversial like yours, mainly travel stories, but I hope you get something from it.


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