“The 25th Hour of Life”

It’s dark all around and your feeling strange. You fail to recollect memories of the past few days and you feel lost. You feel paralyzed because you have lost control over your body. It feels as if you are in a box with heavy weight on your chest nailing you down on purpose. You somehow want to lift that weight to get off this dark isolated place to breathe some fresh air.
One more strong push, and bang! You’re out of it in a surprise.

Hey, just a minute, why are all these people here? You wonder what’s happening. You see your son, your daughter and your wife gathered around a wooden box along with a crowd, shedding tears as if they’ve lost someone close to them. Still confused, you walk through the crowd towards your wife – the lady you’ve been in love for the past 40 years. She still looks beautiful with those wrinkles and innocence radiating through her eyes. The same innocence which made you fall for her in high school days, 40 years ago.

As you move towards her reality slowly starts dawning upon you. In the wooden box laid the man you had always seen in the mirror, perhaps today you could see him without one for it was just meant to be earthly, a lifeless body to which she constantly kept asking, “Why did you leave me? Where have you gone without me?”, breaking down simultaneously.
You turn around and slowly start noticing the crowd gathered. All the people you’ve made connection with in life. Hundreds of them gathered around just to pay their final respects and pour their share of emotions. You walk around to see if somebody notices you, but you’ve already realized what has happened.

You step ahead and move towards the burial place and look at the wooden box placed in a 6 feet pit below the ground. No money, no precious jewels, no branded clothing or collectibles. Just a body, wrapped around with your favourite shirt, kept inside a box. So this is it, really? This is how it ends and you don’t even get a second chance. You see your best friend crying his heart out, along with all your loved one’s pouring love in the form of flowers as the box laid in the pit slowly gets covered up with mud.

You look around and smile at all your loved one’s. You see your college mates reminiscing about their best moments they had with you. You see your parish friends talking about how they’ll miss seeing you in church everyday. A few poor families, who aren’t your relatives crying their heart’s out, recollecting how your philanthropic deeds changed their lives and how their chidren got educated because of your timely help. You hear many other people sharing with each other about their good memories with you. Your smile widens.

You look at your son again. A smart young man, capable enough to run the family in your absence. Mature enough to handle the obstacles life would throw at him. You take pride in having brought him up that way, and you know that your wife and your daughter are in safe hands. You glance at your dog which seems heartbroken for having lost his master. You whisper in its ears that you’d be born again.

You take a step back and start moving towards the gate of the burial site. You give one final glance at the lady you’ve loved the most, the kids whom you’ve supported till date, the strangers who turned family, the colleagues, the friends, the teachers, the students, the ones who’ve benefitted from you, the ones who’ve inspired you, the ones who’ve hated you but seem to be dejected now, and hundreds of others who’ve come all the way to have one final look at your body. You thank them in your mind for having been part of your wonderful life.

You’ve never lived a rich life according to the standards of the society, but looking at the sheer number of people who’ve remembered you that day, you feel proud about the life you’ve lived and the stories you’ve written in the life-book of each and every person present there. An insanely rich and successful life indeed, you tell to yourself.

You look up and smile at the clouds. You see your parents waiting for you. You send a kiss to the lady who has been your backbone till date. You hope she manages without your presence. You close your eyes and slowly start fading away. You feel happy. Eternally.

“The true Success in life is Happiness and Contentment.”

Trust me, there is nothing like a smile on someone’s face that originates from your deeds. The high paying job, those luxuries and all the fake following will vanish one day. Someone will only remember how kind you were to them when no one else was.

Also, when you die, don’t die with a regret. Damn! I should have told that girl that I liked her or I should have built a home for my parents or I should have written a book, Should have told my story to people. Don’t have those regrets. Grab time while you still have it. In the end, When you die make sure atleast hundred people come to your grave. That’s the point of life, where you carry love respect and blessings along with you, everywhere you go.

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