Motivation is a Myth!

All of us have been inspired at one point of time with Something. Someone’s deeds, Someone’s Life story might have motivated you in some way or the other.
How often Have you Heard the below lines:
1. Do not Procrastinate. Maintain a time-table. Time is precious do not waste it.

2. Always do what you Love.

3. Never Give UP !

4. Stay Satisfied

5. Nothing is Permanent in Life

And the list continues…

These are some key points you get to hear in motivational talks and lectures. But for how long are you able to sustain the motivation you get from these lectures? How long do you feel motivated? It does not take much time for that motivation to vanish because it is Artificial Confidence. On the long run it is just useless.

You watch any motivational video, you get motivated for 5 minutes, You Study! After that you’ll be your own idiotic self. Motivation does not work! Motivation is just a false sense of Confidence. When you have the determination to do something you will do it eventually. When you have clarity in Life and you know what you want out of it you will achieve it anyway. “Motivation is just a Myth!!!”

Nobody motivates the daily wage labourer to get up at 5 am and go to work everyday. He knows if today he does not go to work he won’t get his wage. Does that labourer need a TedX Talk or some motivational video on “How to be a Good labourer ? ” No right?. Because he knows If he does not go to work today He will not get money and his family won’t have food that day. It is his desperateness which drives him to work.

The point I’m trying to make is It is not motivation which drives you to achieve something. It is either “Passion” or “Desperateness” Nobody can really motivate you to work, So do not waste time finding motivation from the outside. It is all within you!

“Jab tumhe Sahi mai Life mai kuch Karna hoga na; tum karoge.

Jab kutta peeche padega na; tum bhaagoge.”

“Unless you go to such extreme measures where your desperate enough to do something, you will do it and that day you won’t require any motivation.”

I’m not saying that people who make motivational content are fools wasting time. They are just contributing positivity by sharing their life stories and experiences to the society. Through their content they either are advicing you why not to repeat the mistakes they committed or sharing about how they achieved something. So learn from their experiences, listen to advice but do what you feel is right eventually; ultimately it is you who fill face consequences, however sweet, bitter or sour.

So the Question coming is:

How can I help a person change his Habit? Or how can I sustain motivation?

“According to me, You cannot change a person. Until a person hits a roadblock, falls and on his own realizes that he is Wrong. He won’t Change! Nobody likes to get corrected by others. The only thing you could do is advice him or somehow help him discern his passion and find clarity in life. You can take a horse to the pond. But you can’t force him to drink unless it wants to drink water”

I was asked to write an article to motivate my friends to study as they are preparing for their board exams. It was not difficult for me to pick a life story of an idol man and ignite the fire of artificial confidence within you. But after a short span of time all of that would fade away. The fact is none of you’ll would remember that story as you leave this page; Your not even going to remember what you read here, that’s a fact! Still I’m writing this here and if even one person reading this understands and stops looking for motivation from outside, I will consider that this blog has been a success.

“So always remember, Motivation does not Work. The only thing which works is ‘You’ if you want to work and do good deeds”

Thank You!


26 thoughts on “Motivation is a Myth!

  1. I think as we go through life we learn that change comes from within. Or at least some people come to this realisation. For some people, it takes longer to work that out. I do think that sometimes people are inspired by motivational speakers, and if the time is right they will take something from a talk or lecture that ignites something within them. That said, I believe change happens when we are truly ready. A truly interesting post! Thank you!

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    • According to me Motivation is just short-term but the will to do something is permanent. The day you really want to achieve it you will do it and that comes from within not from motivational content. It is either “Passion” or “Desperateness” most of the time which drives people to achieve that’s what I have highlighted here.
      Motivational content can only give you a push to work but it’s you who have to work so it’s all about ‘You’ at the end of the day. That’s what I feel😊
      Thanks for taking the time to visit! 😊

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    • If you really want to do something you will do it or else you simply won’t do it. You do not need motivation from outside but from within in the form of Determination and Intent. Motivation from outside is Artificial – Confidence and is short lived.

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